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Genetic Calculator We represent interesting and unique product in biology education and science, specifically in genetics - Bifido Punnett Square Calculator. This is useful and fast genetic calculator for predicting the offspring results of genetic crosses. The application can show all possible allelic combinations of gametes and produce genotypes and phenotypes ratio and probability for these crosses. You can easily generate punnett squares with unlimited number of genes and results will be ready in less than one second due to unique algorithms of this calculator. The complete accuracy of these results we can guarantee. From now punnett squares calculation will no longer be the hard work for you, because you can get this free powerful genetic calculator.

You can discover all the secrets of genetics with this program and become a guru in genetics. Only one small step you need to do - GET IT NOW!!!

Developer: Bifidosoft
Version: 4.0 final
File size: 14.3 Mb
Language: En / Ru
License: Free
OS: Win XP/Vista/7/8
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Features of Punnett Square Calculator

The application combines a simple, clear and intuitive user interface with rich features. It's comfortable and smart.

  • You can use a natural genetic notation for recording of parental genotypes, when you have a deal with x-linked genetic cross or multiple alleles, for example.
  • You can use more than one letter and mark the alleles with multiple letters, or use "+" simbol for mark wild-type allele.
  • You can use a very useful and incredibly easy mechanism of searching if you need to find ratio and probability for exact genotype or phenotype.
  • You can use the program as genetics simulator, because it's include quality low-level random number generator and can produce random statistical distribution for all types of genetic crosses. So it's will be very helpful instrument for simulation and demonstration of real genetic experiments. And it is easy and simple as 1 2 3.

Opportunities of Punnett Square Calculator

This professional tool give you a great opportunities for solving not only simple mendelian crosses. Just imagine, you can solve in seconds any problem in classical genetics, even the most complex of them. With this calculator you can generate the punnett squares for all types of inheritance models :

  • Genetic linkage. You can solve genetic examples for genetic linkage and x-linkage inheritance and not only without, but also with single or double crossing over.
  • Polyploidy & polyploids. This program can demonstrate disturbance of the meiosis process and suchwise simulate genetic crossing with violation of the chromosome number. So you can deal with the inheritance of genomic disorders. And it's give the great possibility to work with polyploids and produce ratio and probability for polyploids as well, as for diploids.
  • Polygenic inheritance. The program provides many opportunities to work with polygenes. Practical problems associated with polygenes always been enough difficult to solve. But polygenic inheritance it is a very important part of genetics. So this tool may be very helpful for solving this kind of problems.
  • Genes interactions. And the application has advanced capabilities for working with genes interactions. Through the powerful mechanism of a traits files it is possible to get genotypes or phenotypes ratio for genetic examples with such models of inheritance. You can solve the problems with allelic interactions like incomplete dominance and codominance and nonallelic like epistasis. For these purposes, you can use the prepared examples files and easily write your own traits files.

Besides of the punnett square calculator you find useful extensions, like Fruit Fly Gender Calculator (for determine the gender of fruit flies - Drosophila melanogaster), Crossing Over Map Calculator (to determine the distance between genes (up to three genes) on genetic map with crossing over process), and Recombination Progeny Calculator(to determine how many progeny in the screen you need for find at least one recombination progeny).

Your Punnett Square Calculator

If you...

  • a student. This is an excellent tool for students who have a strong interest in science. With this program it will be much easier for you to learn the basics of genetics and get practical knowledge for solve various genetic problems. The more you understand how the program works, the more you will understand the principles of genetics and vice versa.
  • a teacher. The program can be very helpful for teacher. With this program you can more clearly demonstrate the different genetic models of inheritance. Show to students, what results they can expect in the real genetic experiments for these types of inheritance. And teach students to solve difficult genetic problems.
  • a serious researcher. Of course it can be useful for serious researchers. The program will provide the very comfortable conditions for work with most difficult aspects of genetic experiments. It can relieve you from monotonous manual work and save your time. And using the program you can be absolutely sure of complete accuracy of the results.

Versions history of Punnett Square Calculator :


  • Unicode support. You can write parents genotypes using unicode symbols ( by your native language ).
  • The calculator saves its settings on exit.
  • In the help file now included all tutorials from the site.
  • Fixed a bug with designation of polygenes without special characters and applying the "+" character.


  • The source code was checked and all detected bugs was fixed.


  • Now, on the tab "Find" you can, not only find a particular genotype or phenotype, but also you can see from what kind of genotypes consist the selected traits phenotype.
  • Usage of the "+" character in the traits files was fixed.
  • Added the opportunity of using the "*" character in the traits files. It can be used to indicate the trait of any alleles, that are not designated above it in the traits file ( the default trait ).
  • Fixed the using of "From phenotypes" checkbox.
  • Improved the using of polygenes. Now, if you designate the dominant and recessive alleles of polygenes with the same letter, then you can also write them without using of special characters - ":".
  • Random statistics was improved. Now you can just set the size (number of individuals) in the module of random statistics simulator and without switching on the simulation, the ratio will be calculated by that number.
  • Also fixed a bug in the mechanism of search of genotypes or phenotypes in the mode of the random statistics simulation.
  • Now, the previous data is preserved when you switch the calculators.
  • Added automatic removing spaces at the beginning and the end of the parental genotypes.
  • Added buttons for copy from clipboard and buttons for erase the parental genotypes.
  • If the parents genotypes are the same, you can write now only one parental genotype.


  • In the Crossing Over Map Calculator was added the distance calculation for three genes.
  • Improved the interface and traits files usage.
  • Fixed display of program icon.
  • The source code was checked and all detected bugs was fixed.


  • Bifido Genetics Calculators was renamed to Bifido Punnett Square Calcuator
  • The program interface was completely rewrited.


  • Bifido Genetics Calculators - the first public release of the program.
  • The program has a graphical user interface (GUI). For this we using the Qt 4 library.
  • You can now save the obtained results in the text file
  • Added mechanism of intelligent search for finding a particular genotype or phenotype.
  • Significantly improved the work with Traits files.


  • In the program was included additional modules:
  • Crossing Over Map Calculator - this recombination calculator can be used to determine recombination frequency (RF) between two or three loci, the map of genes localization and the frequency of double crossovers.
  • Fruit Fly Gender Calculator - this calculator can be used to determine gender of fruit fly (D.melanogaster).
  • Recombination Progeny Calculator - this calculator estimates how many progeny in the field of view is necessary for a finding of at least one recombinant.


  • The program is written on C++ and have a console interface, i.e. it interacts with a user by the textual input/output.
  • Genetic сalculator can show all the possible combinations of gametes and produce the results of crosses - such as ratios and probabilities of genotypes and phenotypes in the offspring for monohybrid, dihybrid, trihybrid and polihybrid crosses.
  • You can write parents genotypes using natural genetic notation (like "+" character or multiple letters for alleles names).
  • You can work with multiple alleles, linked genes, polymeric genes and polyploidy, by using special symbols to their designation.
  • Using Traits files, you can also solve the problem of the genes interaction - such as incomplete dominance, codominance, epistasis and polygenic inheritance.
  • And by using the random statistics module you can simulate the results of real experimental genetic crosses.

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